To order any of these prints, click on the "Order this Image" link under each photo for an order form specific to that photo, listing print sizes available and the price.

Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed! Only archival printing materials and techniques are used. As with all art, it is recommended that prints be properly framed under UV glass and displayed out of direct sunlight, but if your print fades for any reason at any time, it will be replaced free of charge.


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    To order, click on the "Order this Image" link under each photo for an order form specific to that photo, listing print sizes available and the price.

    All prices include shipping and handling and sales taxes.
    PRINT MEASUREMENTS: Most non-panoramic prints are available in three "standard" sizes (8x10, 11x14, 16x20 inches), but some prints are not offered in the larger sizes, and some may be offered as a smaller 5x7 inch, depending on the specific image. Panoramic print sizes will also vary greatly from photo to photo, depending on the image. Print sizes are given with the horizontal measurement first. Therefore, a 16x20 inch print will be a vertical composition, while 20x16 inches is the same size print but in a horizontal composition.

    Note: The listed print size is the size of the printing paper the image is on. In most cases, the actual image will be slightly smaller to allow for a small white border around the edge, but with some images, the border may be larger on one side to fit an odd-format size image onto standard size paper (for ex., a 13x19 image on 16x20 paper). A few images are purposely printed small on larger paper to create a wide border all around as part of the image, such as a 5x7 image on 8x10 paper, etc.

    PRICES are listed on the order form for each print. The price is the same for B&W or color prints:
  • 5x7 / 7x5 or smaller: $25 to $30
  • 8x10 / 10x8: $35
  • 8x8, 8x7, 8x6, 8x5 & 8x4: $35
  • 11x14 / 14x11: $45
  • 11x11: $45
  • 16x20 / 20x16: $55
  • 16x16: $55
  • Panoramics: $50 to $75


  • Shipping: All 8x10 and smaller prints are shipped flat. Larger prints are shipped either flat or rolled in a mailing tube, so these should be flattened before mounting or framing. Each image is custom produced on receipt of your order, and is shipped within one week of receipt of your order. Allow another one week for delivery (for Christmas time orders, please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping).
  • Shipping prices: All prices include standard postal or UPS shipping, but if you need your order sooner, please inquire about expedited shipping costs. For UPS shipping, please send a street address.
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